Major Changes In SEO To Look Out For In 2022
Digital Marketing

SEO is the most important factor. Nowadays getting a high rank for a business on search engines is becoming much more difficult. With Google’s algorithm relying on so many different signals, Search Engine Optimization can be hard to know where to spend your time to maximize your chances of ranking highly. So here are a few changes for search marketing and SEO Vogues for 2022 which you need to follow for SEO ranking:
Google has changed 3 ranking factors for upcoming google ranking criteria for a better page. Here are the 3 ways through which google is supposed to rank your website in 2021,

  1. Organic search pages
  2. Featured Snippet
  3. Passage Indexing

Organic search pages

Image Credits: Reliablesoft

Organic search is a normal ranking in google. If you will go to the google search bar and if you search for SEO learning then these are the ads that are actually being marketed but after then you can see the general pages. So this is a normal search which is right now going on and past as well once you search for quarry it actually starts displaying all the organic google optimized search engine pages one by one. Simply users can click on this and can get the detail or learning over it.

Featured Snippet

Image Credits: jeffbullas

Google has introduced a new feature which is called feature snippet. Feature snippet was an enhancement which means some part of your content was been extracted and that is supposed to be displayed at the top ranking of that particular keyword. It looks like let image in our search bar type a keyword, for example, how SEO work then what Google search does is, it extracts some detail from this particular website and displays it as a featured snippet. Feature snippet could be of different types one is of text, list, table, and video. So basically if your page is optimized around a certain topic then later, if google found as you have briefly answered that quarry somewhere in your content then it actually extracted that detail and start displaying in at number zero position in google ranking and this is known as a featured snippet. Getting a featured snippet puts you at the front of the pack. With attention spans going down every second.

Passage Indexing

untitled image

Image Credits: seroundtable

Passage indexing is not yet rolled out but been already announced and the systems are in place to get rolled out. The above image looks a lot like a featured snippet, right? Even Google thinks the same and clarified that its new feature which will determine the relevance of any web document by understanding passages, whereas featured snippets identify the single most relevant passage in a document they have overall determined to be relevant to the query. Google’s move will provide more opportunities for sites with less authority but relevant, high-quality content to appear more prominently in search results. It’s a simple premise, yet the nature of the announcement has led to a certain degree of confusion in the SEO results.

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