7 Great Ways to Grow Your Instagram Account Organically
Social Media Marketing

With more than 25 million businesses actively using Instagram to market to their target audience, it continues to adjust its algorithm and introduce new features, meaning businesses need to keep up to maintain a steady account growth.A quick question is, what defines the growth of an Instagram account? For some, it is the number of followers. To have a tremendous following, the account should be characterized by enormous engagement, exposure of brands as well as equally compelling content. it seems like it’s harder than ever to grow your Instagram organically. So many of us have been experiencing a drop in engagement and follower numbers, These are the 7 ways to grow your Instagram account organically,

Create and Post Engaging Content

One of the most proven methods of growing your Instagram organically is to actively engage on your account. Upload more video content (reels)because video posts are proven to get 38 percent more engagement than posts containing images. If you don’t want to hire a professional video agency, you can create your own video using these video marketing tools and platforms. Post about viral topics from other channels like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Create content that your audience can relate to. The best content will depend upon your audience, so you need a clear understanding of who they are first and foremost. and take some time to leave comments on followers’ posts, answering questions, and reposting user-generated content.

Use tagging and Geolocation

An easy way to grow your Instagram organically is to utilize the geolocation tags, especially if you’re posting from a well-known and Instagrammable place. if you’re working in collaboration with another brand or reposting content from someone else (make sure you get permission first!), be sure to tag them in your caption and on the photo itself. Hopefully, they’ll repay the favor in the future and this works both ways – if anyone wants to share your content, send them a friendly reminder that they should tag you and give you full credit in the post.

Schedule Your Instagram Posts

Instagram feeds fill up very quickly, especially if users follow a lot of different people. That is why you should post your content at popular times of the day when users are active. Instagram has analytics tools that let you see which times of day that people visited your posts. This can help you determine when to schedule your future posts. As a rule of thumb, you should post your content at 11 AM on Wednesday, and at Noon on Tuesday and Friday. Engagement with most niches is usually high during these times. But again, verify these times with the Instagram Analytics tools to make sure they are good times to post.

Promoting your Instagram on other channels

promotes your own Instagram account organically on other channels where you have accounts. Think particularly about the various channels like Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and all those that reach a huge audience. You can include a widget that displays feeds on your Instagram. Also, you can create a post that announces the competition you are running on your Insta intending to bring your Facebook audience to your Instagram. It’s possible to embed your posts in blog posts, then run pop-ups on the site, among others.Besides, there is a window to share Insta stories on Facebook although the business doesn’t yet make access to the Facebook stories. Additionally, you can add an Insta icon to an email signature.

Use the right number of Hashtags

“If I want to get the most reach, I should probably use the maximum number of hashtags, right?” Not quite. It might seem like common sense: “more hashtags equals more reach.” But it’s not actually true. You probably don’t want to use all 30 hashtags available, because you won’t get as much reach.Your “reach” within the hashtags you use works like this:The more hashtags you use, the fewer people you’ll reach who are following each of your hashtags. (Think of it like, shallow).The less you use, the more reach you’ll get to people following the hashtags you used. (Think of it like, deep).For this reason, it’s recommended that you only use between five and nine hashtags that are hyper-relevant to your niche. This will provide you with the most reach in the most relevant areas to get more organic Instagram followers.

Engage with your Community

Networking can help you to grow Instagram followers organically. Make connections by going outside of your own feed and browse relevant hashtags or locations. Like and comment on other people’s posts. Don’t go overboard and make sure to be authentic. You can build authority and credibility by participating in discussions on Instagram only if they are genuine. By interacting with your online community, you can increase visibility as leaving your mark on relevant posts will increase your organic followers.

Run Contests Consistently

Contests are a creative way to attract attention to your Instagram channel. It will create excitement around your channel and make people want to follow it. Just promote your contest to as many people as possible, including on your Facebook and Twitter accounts too. Your connections will likely share your post with their connections, which will spread the word about your content to more people. The contest could be a promotional giveaway or discount on your products or services. You could even offer to promote someone else’s products or services for free as part of your contest. Think creatively and have fun with it.

Connect with Other Influencers

There are a growing number of Instagram influencers in a variety of niches. One effective way to grow organic traffic is to connect with other influencers in your niche. In a typical scenario, you would both follow each other and comment on each other’s posts. Either that or you would pay them to promote your products or services on their channel. As long as their followers get exposure to your content, that is the primary goal. Their followers will likely want to follow your channel because it is in the same niche.

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