Branding in the Face of Pandemic
Digital Marketing

Usually, when brands invest money in marketing and promotion strategies, they expect a good return investment. Roi no longer stands for return on investment it stands for return on integrity. This has been possible by the Covid 19 pandemic. Today brands not only have to think about profits but they also need to get in touch with the various tangible human emotions. at a time where lockdown was very frustrating many brands through their marketing campaigns have got in touch with various emotions such as Generosity, promoting positivity, and trying to get a new habit for people across the world to survive the pandemic. So here are the few brands which are focusing on people’s emotions:

Mc Donald’s

Image Credits: Inside Retail
Many brands have tweaked their logos to highlight the key of social distancing The first brand to respond to this crisis in march 2020 was MC Donald’s specifically MC Donald they tweak their logo in which you can see the arcs have been separated across. Not only mcd but other brands like coco-cola, Volkswagen, etc.., followed the same theme.’ The move of tweaking the logo by international large brands shows the reasonable one. In fact, it shows the magnitude of the pandemic that we are dealing with.


We all know that work from home became a reality. But in this process, many people are losing out on fitness and that’s exactly what Gatorade has highlighted through an advertising campaign what Gatorade is trying to tell us is that when you can work from home, why can’t you work out from home? So Gatorade with the brand ambassador PV Sindhu has released a digital film in which urging people to work out from home.

Brooke bond Red label:

Through their Tv commercials, they are emphasizing the aspect of showing compassion to others during a difficult time. Social distancing has made people paranoid and thus they act in an unfriendly manner so through this campaign Brooke bond is trying to pass a simple message which says being told to stay alone not to be left alone.


Amul touched on the concept of nostalgia Amul became running its old ads along with the reference of Mahabharata and Ramayana on Doordarshan it was a masterstroke as most of the viewers got nostalgic about the olden days.


We all know containing children inside the household during this pandemic is a difficult task. So boost through its digital film, talked about how kids can even play indoor through their campaign Take the Challenge #platAtHome. The campaign also sold boost brand ambassador Virat kohl spreading the message from the social media account encouraging children to play from home.

Tata Steel:

As we all know that in the month of march the ad campaign from Dettol was the #handwashchallange which became very famous and a lot of people went on washing their hands and showcasing on Tik-Tok which broke a lot of records. yes, Dettol did a fantastic job by highlighting the importance of washing hands but Tata steel realized one crisis which may be giving rise to another crisis that is about water conservation Tata steel focused was while washing hands or while applying soap to your hands keeping the tap open is wastage of water. That’s exactly what they highlighted through their campaign

Surf excel:

They highlighted the fact that how can we do good to others even from the confines of our homes the ad begins when the young boy asks his father how he can do a good deed to others for the Ramzan in this lockdown, the father responds by saying if there is a will there is a way and there is a way to help others by being in the confines. The ad beautifully signifies how to induce good values in your children at a young age.

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