How I Turned Dozens of Bad Reviews into Hundreds of New Customers
Digital Marketing

Reviews on Google play a crucial role in today’s businesses. These days 90-95% of people before buying or researching any product or place they check the customers’ reviews on google. every business will have positive reviews and negative reviews. Review marketing may be a powerful thanks to showing local consumers that your business is that the right choice for his or her needs.As a business owner, he should engage with his customers by responding to all the google reviews, the owner should able to handle all the positive and negative reviews by replying to the customers in a Humble Way.

Why is replying to your Business reviews is important?

Replying to Business reviews is a strategy of Review marketing. Responding to online customer reviews, especially when there is a negative review, helps you learn from your mistakes as an owner of the Business and this learning will improve your customers’ overall experience and your business’ reputation.In this social media age, bad reviews can quickly and simply reach hundreds if not thousands of prospective customers. As review sites like Yelp became increasingly popular and powerful, it’s become even more important to form certain that you simply respond appropriately to bad customer reviews. While you can’t always prevent bad reviews, if you respond correctly, you’ll help to mitigate their damage and even convert a customer with a nasty experience into a loyal customer.

Create a Game Plan

When it involves your method for responding to negative reviews, customers expect you to act fast and reach bent them as soon as possible. And when responding to your reviews, you would like to stay in mind that not every single negative review will have valuable information. There are two sorts of negative reviews you’ll receive; when the customer genuinely had a nasty experience and needs you to remember of it, than those when the customer simply wants attention. Being able to separate the two is very important as this will affect how you respond to them. Negative reviews will always be that if you never address them; a negative review. This is why you need to have a game plan set in place. Find a technique that matches your brand and your tone of voice, use it consistently, and remember that your response has the facility to unravel the matter or make it worse. The way you handle these reviews will tell shoppers tons about you and your company

Why Should you reply to Negative reviews?

A bad review hurts, if the review is against the google policy then the review can be removed like for example if the review has bad content like using any inappropriate language then the review can be removed.You can’t just ignore Negative google reviews because the review is public, if you don’t respond then your future customers will look into those reviews and get a bad option on your business and they never wanted to become your customer. You’re not just replying to your reviewer, you are speaking to your future customers too. Replying is your opportunity to make things right. If a customer complains to you in a review, you should try to make it right. Replying shows other readers, you are not hesitating or neglectful to feedback, and have ensured this problem won’t happen to the next customer.

Always Respond Online

Even if there are some private discussions between you and therefore the unhappy camper, within the end, you want to always have some kind of response to the web review.Why? Even if you privately satisfy the customer within the end, the bad review is there forever. If there is no response it will look like you don’t care to other readers.

How to Respond to a Negative Review:

  • Once you get a negative google review you should be quick to respond to a review in public.
  • Address the reviewer’s name and apologize and Acknowledge the customer’s concerns. and show some sympathy as the customer had a bad experience.
  • Provide contact info with the business managers or executives so they can discuss the problem in person.
  • Keep the conversation short and simple don’t prolong and ask too many questions and don’t mention the business name.

If You’re Able to Fix it, Ask Them to Update the Review

If You’re ready to Fix it, Ask Them to Update the ReviewAny reviews can be edited by the reviewer. zero-star assassination can become a 5-star rave review. In most cases, you need to ask them to do this. Be humble, be polite! after all, they are doing you a favor they may not feel like doing.

Bury the Bad Review with Good Reviews

Every business runs into an impossible customer sooner or later. the thing is that the occasional bad review is fine. In fact, many of us don’t trust a page of perfect reviews. It looks fake. If you’re providing a great experience to almost all your customers, that follow-up call we mentioned is a great time to ask for a review. Just don’t offer any incentives, or violate Google’s review guidelines (or those of the other review site, for that matter). That includes asking your employees for a review! Remember, while Google almost always refuses to remove reviews if you ask, they do remove reviews they feel are unacceptable or have a conflict of interest. If you respond in this way the negative review turns out to a positive review and you may get new customers for your business.
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