How to Create Emails with High Conversion – Tips and Tricks
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The onset of pandemic has resulted in a burgeoning popularity of email marketing as an ever-growing number of companies hop onto digital platforms leading to the birth of new trends and tendencies. Emails now play a more pivotal role in the day-to-day interactions between the businesses and their customers right from small entrepreneurs to large enterprises.

An effective email marketing strategy is in how businesses face a few challenges especially while surpassing their competitors in the game of attracting customers to their side. Here in this article, we are going to explore some of the important tips and tricks for email writing that create emails with high conversion rates.

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The Proven Marketing Strategy for Email writing – Creating Emails with High-Conversion

With the end goal of improving the sales performance and brand awareness simultaneously, every business these days is looking up to using email marketing as a tool for high conversion of their customers alongside social media marketing. Here we go with some of the golden rules for writing high-converting emails that boost conversions while also giving your email marketing an edge.

  1. Target your audience firstPrior to reaching out to your ideal target audiences, you need to first thoroughly understand your target audience demographics. This is a very crucial step to take before you start building your email lists. Creating generic emails is almost passe and is half as good as creating unremarkable emails that don’t address your audiences straight. After all, it’s not worth the chase if you lose the chance to speak to your audiences directly to the point as you also get to grab their attention unlike generic emails. Segmentation of audiences as per age, pain points, geographical location, interests, etc. 

For a more targeted and personalized email marketing strategy, it serves well to research more of your target audiences’ mindsets, interests, preferences, specific   issues (if any) and the solutions they seek for their problems. Catering to the mindset of your specific future buyers goes a long way for a successful brand communication through email marketing.  

  1. Embed User Generated content – A guaranteed fast-track route to effectively make way into your audiences’ hearts and take your email marketing to a totally new level is through embedding user generated content in your emails. It is also a proven great way to boost organic traffic while you easily tame those email conversions.

It also gives an opportunity to generate interesting content while also being able to 

conduct polls and include poll results, positive reviews, testimonials of happy 

customers, relevant social media content which are free and can be easily inserted 

into your emails.


  1. Add a strong CTA to emails – Sticking to a clear and crisp CTA per email is the most popular email etiquette for brands to follow in the best of their interests. It doesn’t, however, mean placing just one link throughout the email but can be placed at multiple locations strategically to make sure the reader doesn’t miss the CTA.
  1. Make your subject lines stand out – Subject lines are your best bait to get the fish to fall for the trap. If you don’t lure the fish with your bait, it means you are not doing a fine job with the email headlines. The thing here is that you can still have your way with these subject lines with a proper usage of eye-candy words, emotional appeal and clarity of thought. Of course, you can even unleash your creativity and think out-of-box to write headlines in 65-70 characters that will literally make your audiences push the envelope and see what’s in the mail leading to improved opening rates. 
  1. Offer content free of charge – Emails can effectively leverage relationships with your audience through offering content for free via your emails. This free of charge content can be  furnished through the format of forms or it is by and large dished out in the form of useful information without trying to get anything in return. Content buckets in categories like informational, educational, inspirational and motivational can be provided for free always.
  1. Don’t leave AI out of the window – Many businesses are still yet to catch up to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution into their email marketing routines. Though this fire may take some more time to catch up, experts are already predicting that it is today one of the best email marketing strategies. Despite the fact that we make use of the latest tools with ample free time available to us, AI proves to us that we cannot collect and analyse the data even today like the way it does. 

AI tools can be used in email marketing for the following reasons such as optimizing surveys, adding keywords, improving email sending times, predicting user reactions, writing clear subject lines, deleting unresponsive clients, and in many such cases like these.

  1. There’s so much to email marketing than plain text – Another attention-grabbing weapon in your arsenal has to be the email design. The go-to factor which decides the spell your email can cast on your audience is the style of email design you adapt to. Plain text is not enough to win the war if you want to achieve, especially, high conversion rates while wooing your customers with engaging visual content that can also include pictures and animation video content. Educational clips, explanations, reviews, and so on can be embedded as videos in your promotional/commercial email activities and communications related to some message, campaign or a recently launched product or service. To sum up, your emails can be brought to life through the usage of animated backdrops, gifs, and moving/animated icons. However, proper care must be taken that these visual elements do not impact the loading time of your emails and test the patience of your customers or render them unattractive if they are not loading in all their glory.
  1. Simple text email formats too does the trick – Today’s emails may paint the town red in all its glitter with bombarding videos, pictures, gifs, and animations, plain text still hasn’t lost its charm entirely yet. You got to see how old things can be back with a bang just when today’s promotional emails are too much to hold for the reader’s eyes. Marketing experts are all now advising to go minimalistic in email design while opting for plain text that can convey the message in a clear, crisp and concise manner. Heeding to their advice surely brings a grasp of fresh air among messages cluttered with too many multimedia elements.
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  1. Personalised email writing boost conversions – Never fail to keep in mind the personalisation of emails in order to boost customer conversions. Try putting names in subject lines and you are almost done with this task, at least to begin with. Start with this simple hack and move onto the more sophisticated tools such as:
  • Timing your emails perfectly based on location, 
  • Featuring goods that the users have searched for or ordered online,
  • Recommendation of related goods and services, 
  • Sending reminder emails about the leftover items in the cart, 
  • Promotional emails personalised on the basis of gender, age, and nationality.
  1. Incentivise your email campaigns – One of the sureshot ways to make your email campaigns a huge success is to not forget to create incentives. Reach out to your target audience by suggesting them exactly what they want and need and also include other efficient strategies such as time-limited offers, limited stock editions, trial period offers, refunds, freebies, loyalty promotions, VIP accounts and so on.
  1. Prioritise privacy and security – It doesn’t just end with employing templates that look cool or keeping track of your KPIs to let your email campaigns stand out from the crowd but it is also about convincing users that their data is well protected. For example, telling them that the latest encryption technologies are applied on the collected user information or issuing a notice email to inform them beforehand of the possible data privacy changes that are likely to take place in the future. Of course, the biggest security feature that assures your users about your data privacy/safety practices is the ability to easily unsubscribe from the newsletters at their disposal.
  1. Bank on some user psychology tricks – Psychology rules anywhere in marketing and email communications are no different as some of these tricks help in getting your business more conversions. Among the popular psychology tricks that you can employ are making use of colour psychology, subconscious mind tricking, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), pictures and videos that are emotionally persuasive and so on. 

Above all, try to communicate concepts and solutions to your readers in a simple and catchy way that will get your message across the board super quick, easily and effortlessly. 

Despite the ongoing pandemic throwing numerous challenges and opportunities at the same time, businesses need to keep abreast with the changes caused in the recent times in order to stay saner and outsmart their competitors. Apart from the tools and techniques listed above, it is recommended to use email marketing software in the event of creating and sending newsletters as well as appending polls and their results to the newsletters in order to make way into your customers’ inboxes and accelerate conversion rates.

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