How to keep your business ahead of the coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak
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It is now very clear that coronavirus will not pass out easily, as we all know due to coronavirus outbreak, most businesses are going through the economic consequences coronavirus outbreak is hitting business’s hard, putting out the fires as and when they threaten to appear, it’s crucial to plan for the future of your business and be fully prepared for what will come next. Starting businesses in this pandemic also has a huge impact. While specific actions each business should take will depend on location, the nature of the workplace, and the potential disruptiveness to operations, ICC encourages all businesses to take appropriate actions to get ahead of the outbreak.
Here are few tips to keep your Businesses ahead of the covid-19 outbreak:
But you need to first take the appropriate measures to mitigate your businesses against disruption.

Recognize your company’s Situation:

Identify the specific risks posed by the coronavirus that is unique to your business, Update your pandemic or business community plans, Communicate the plans to employees, customers, suppliers, and partners, Impose travel restrictions on employees as a precaution.

Employee well being:

The emotional outbreak is contagious, so talk to employees, let them know you are prepared and protecting. Communicate what your response could mean for them including health, risk education, social distancing through working from home.

Review operational risks

Assess all operational aspects of your business, such as factories, or any kind of business, and create a pre-start checklist to ensure you’re ready to go as soon as the socio-economic landscape permits.

Supply chains:

Identify operational and revenue impacts from potential disruptions to key suppliers and vendors. It might be weeks or months from now to consider the feasibility of sourcing goods, ingredient, and component parts from alternative suppliers.

Insurance Courage:

Review applicable insurance policies understand the impact of force majeure means and prepare for potential claims, consult your 3rd person if you have any questions.


Monitor updates from public or global health officials and governments, keep employees informed and educated about the outbreak.

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