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A Business listing is a public profile that provides all the vital information related to business, such as industry, registered name, nature of the company, postal address, contact number, hours of operation, a description of the services or products, website, etc. It provides all the information for a potential customer, job seeker, partner, competitor, or even investor. There is a lot of free directory business listing sites that can enhance the visibility of your local business. A business listing happens to be an online entry of a business that shows the main information of the business that is Business or Company Name, Physical Address with Pin Code, and Valid Phone Number. With the help of business listings, it is easy to get increased visibility and reach out to a lot of target audiences. Creating a local business listing is extremely important for any business to sustain. These are the few benefits of creating a business listing, it Builds a professional profile for your business it creates an online brand image, improves your website SEO, generates traffic, improves customer base, Increases digital visibility, directs advertisements, and many more.If you are looking for the best free directory websites for your business listings, here are a few sites.

Google my Business

Official Website: Google my Business

Founder(s): Sundar Pichai

Launched in: 2014

Just dial

Official website:Justdial

Founder: Vss Mani

Launched in: 1996


Official website: Quikr

Founder: Pranay Chulet

Launched in: 2008

Yellow pages India

Official website: Yellow pages

Founder: Reuben H. Donnelley

Launched in: 2006

Trade India

Official website: Trade India

Founder: Bikky Khosl

Launched in: 1996

Official website: Indian mart

Founder: Dinesh Agarwal, Brijesh Agarwal

Launched in: 1996

Suleka Business:

Official website: Sulekha

Founder: Satya Prabhakar

Launched in: 2007


Official website: YelpFounder: Jeremy Stoppelman and Russel SimmonsLaunched in: 2004

Bing Places for Business:

Official website: Bing places for business

Founder: Microsoft Corporation

Launched in: 2009

Official website:Exporters India

Founder: Sunil Kumar Gupta

Launched in: 1997

Yellow bot:

Official site: Yello Bot

Founder: Emad Fanous

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