The Ultimate Guide to Online Reputation Management for your Business
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Why is online reputation important? Online reputation management is huge today, everybody looks online for reviews before they interact with you. They will first search for your brand name and the word reviews on Google and if you don’t manage a reputation online you are losing out on a lot of business. 95% of people shop this way, when they go to your website and do some research and decide they might want to call you before they pick up that phone, they go to google and they search for your name and the word reviews. If that looks good then they reach out but if there are no reviews at all you are missing out on that business. Here is Ultimate guides and tips to online reputation management for your business:

Claiming spots on Digital Assets:

Social platforms – Search your brand name on all social media channels including the following; Business directories (local, national, International)Register your business with genuine information on all directories like, google my business, yelp, crunch base, yola, foursquare, yellow pages, etc.

Capture Reviews from your past customers:

If you don’t have any online reviews or if you have less reputation management then the first thing you have to do is send out feedback to your past customers. So you can send them out an email blast. Don’t be afraid of bad reviews maybe have in your email a suggestion for them to if they have good experience with you, to click to leave a review and if you had a bad experience when they click there, maybe you send them to a feedback form, kind of funneling that traffic but capturing those good reviews. The main thing is you have to capture that feedback, and it’s not so important to have every review be five stars it’s okay to have some lower rating reviews because when people do some research they will see that this is authentic. If it’s all five starts that might raise a red flag to them, maybe think that you are gaming the system somehow. So don’t be afraid of some low ratings, for the most part, if you do a great job then you would get great reviews overall which are going to help grow your online reputation.

Ask your Customers:

Ask your customers for reviews face to face if you have people out in the field, such as visiting for home services or maybe over the phone and you’re just calling these customers on one on one basis, or maybe they’re coming into your office and you’re seeing them on daily basis face to face, ask them the likelihood of them is significantly easier, but you have to streamline that process, have it ready, maybe on iPad or computer where they can enter right away. So when you ask them, they say sure, and you can just say here you go which takes seconds and they will leave a review which is a very easy way to get reviews and this helps to scale your reviews and increase and manage reputation.

Read and reply to all Good and Bad Reviews:

Reply to all reviews, good and bad, By responding, it allows people that are analyzing your online reputation and reading your reviews to see that you care because you’re clearly reading the reviews and responding and they can clearly understand that you care about your business and customers. and when you get bad reviews, don’t be negative or combative with it, you just have to state the facts. It’s a mini case that every lead or prospect is looking at when you’re looking at your online reputation they are going to see the customers side of the story and then, in your response, they are going to see your side of the story and if you seem professional like you enjoy the feedback that you are laying out the facts typically that’s going to earn you borrow points. But also in response to good reviews. Responding to all reviews also builds more online content. So your online reputation ranks higher than your competitors. In this way, you can build your reputation management.

Invest time in your Online Reputation:

If you don’t have time, assign it to some of your employees or hire someone to manage your online reputation. If you need a professional with online brand reputation management then simply contact some best marketing agencies and let the experts do their job.

Blogging helps:

This is one of the best ways to keep your audience engage through blogs. They are to put it simply a magic wand for SEO, and an engaging with your audience

Avoid and remove fake and anonymous reviews:

Do everything you can to avoid and remove fake and anonymous reviews. A Lot of times your competitors will see you building this online reputation and they try to put fake negative reviews out of frustration. A Lot of review sites have removal processes that you can follow to potentially remove some of those reviews. and if they don’t, you are going to not get caught up on it, Bury bad reviews with good ones. So it just makes it all-important to be capturing more and more positive feedback and build profiles on multiple review sites. This builds your online reputation.

SEO Boost:

Include keywords in your brand reviews and ratings. Optimize it by earning some quality links from authority sites.

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