Top 11 factors to help you rank with local SEO
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Local SEO is the most important factor. Nowadays getting a high rank for a local business on search engines is becoming much more difficult. With Google’s local algorithm relying on so many different signals, Localized SEO can be hard to know where to spend your time to maximize your chances of ranking highly.So here are a few top guidelines which you need to follow for SEO ranking:

Create Content around all the things your customers searching for:

To increase Page rankings you need to create content around all the things your customers search for. Who are your customers? What are the different things they search for online? Create content around that, especially all the main important points. By doing this you show up higher in search results and that you are getting them to click on your website, and you can use that for a lot of different things like capturing emails addresses, remarketing links, etc.,

Update your most important Content:

Update your top content, so your most important high-volume pages that drive the most conversations every single month, make sure that’s totally up to date. You are going to update your secondary content on a quarterly basis and the rest of the content on the annual basis. Make sure that every single page on your website is updated once a year and if you continue doing this you will definitely increase your rank of websites

Long-Form Content, images, and videos:

You should have long-form content, but not just long-form content, long-form content that has optimized images and videos. Video is completely blowing up on your long-form content for your top terms. You want those to be top hubs of content. You want that content to list all the frequently asked questions, great images, and best videos on the topic and have to link out to other areas, silos of content within your website. That explains more on the topic.

Check your click-through rate (CTR):

If you go through a google search console, there is a report that shows you a click-through rate for the different pages on your website. If a certain page has a high click-through rate that’s great, if a page has a low click-through rate then figure out what is working on those other pages that are higher so that you can improve your lower pages here is a pro tip, numbers work in a great way for putting that into your titles. This increases your rank of websites.

Consider Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):

Accelerated mobile pages are something that will make rank websites fast. that is very important to make sure that you have fast page speed, which is page rankings factors consider using accelerated mobile pages. So the mobile version of your site is really fast.

Schema. Org Strategy:

On every different type of local SEO website, there is a different schema strategy that you would have. For an e-commerce site, you might be marking up your product pages with pricing, reviews, and shipping. For the local websites, you might be marking up your local pages with the exact location. For a general website, you might be marking up your logo with a schema. For a news website you might be marking up your website with speakable markup, that’s something that reads the text on the page to somebody.

Go Secure https:

The website has to be secure. Not only ranking factor but visitors are looking at it more and more so make sure you do that.

Set a linking strategy:

For every different type of local website you should pick three to four different strategies which help you in linking weather, that’s unlinked mentions, weather that’s going afterward, or promoting content or writing a column and writing a column should not be a linking strategy, it should be a strategy to get you to explore on a great publication. But picking a great linking strategy and making sure you are allocating a good amount of hours that are going to make you competitive in your space is important.

Use Social media:

Social shares are where you can continue growing your social media communities, engagement this is a very important thing you can build an entire business model of social media at this point but also when you get social shares, your website will get index quickly and new blog posts and new pages if they get a lot of shares, interactions they are going to shoot straight to the top of page rankings.

Increase Brand Searches:

Google has gone on record saying that pages and brands that get searched on more often page rankings go higher in google. And it looks at an indicator of quality and can help your search rankings. So you should do paid media, running YouTube ads, Facebook ads, creative campaigns Building the brands so you get more brand searches because it allows you to get higher click through rates from brand recognition and it’s going to allow you to get more direct traffic and these come around to lead the higher rankings.

Go nuts on video:

There are a lot of videos that are being served now inside of the google home hub. Video is the fastest-growing type of multimedia people want to consume. People can learn a lot quicker from a video about any topic. So create videos of your top terms. This works well on page rankings.

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